This year I planted courgettes, tomatoes, runner beans, red peppers and salad leaves.  All have done well so far, with the help of a cold frame to protect the plants.  Slugs and snails are still a nuisance and are managing to get inside the cold frame, so the salad leaves are suffering. I encourage most wildlife but not slugs and snails!

  • cold frame view 27-6-10
  • courgette flower19-6-10
  • courgette plants 25-6-10
  • courgettes 25-6-10
  • pepper flower 27-6-10
  • red pepper 22-8-10
  • runner bean flowers 25-6-10
  • runner beans 1-8-10
  • runner beans 16-8-10
  • runner beans 24-9-10
  • runner beans 26-6-10
  • runner beans-2 24-9-10
  • tomatoes in hanging basket 25-6-10

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